Farewell – Landscape of thoughts

1 october – 6 march 2022

The lives of Marisca Voskamp (1970) André van Noord (1964-2018) were fully intertwined, both as artists and as lovers. Farewell – Landscape of Thoughts offers you a peek into their life together – and that of their family – in the ‘polders’ of the Zaan area. It was like an everlasting holiday, in an ‘in between world’, where they could fully express themselves without limits. This exhibition contains a stream of images, photos, videos and impressions of their life together.

Marisca Voskamp is an artist who attempts to capture fleeting moments in photos, video, words and transforms and sorts them into series. She also creates drawings, collages, frottages and sculptures, in which she makes use of the materials provided by the polder, such as dried grass. Her work is like a stream of observations, thoughts and memories, which she analyzes and questions over and over again. All while looking for the essence of her experiences.

The photography of model and photographer André van Noord contains images from his everyday life, such as the windmills and dykes, but also the girl next door. Many of his works start with a serene composition, but he often distorts and manipulates the images by playing with the shutter speed, move the camera while shooting or scratching up the photos during the printing process.

Both Voskamp and Van Noord refer in their work to the vulnerability and the everlasting transformation of our existence. This also explains why the ‘Zaanse’ landscape plays such an essential part in their work. This exhibition will make you see the region from an entirely new point of view.