Tim Knol Currents


Tim Knol

Jet skis streak between huge freighters and paddleboarders sup past derelict warehouses and pristine blocks of flats. Such things coexist along the river Zaan. After photographers Bert Verhoeff and David Galjaard moved to this dynamic area, they fell under its spell. For over three years, they photographed its people, industry, construction and street life. These photographs have been collected in the exhibition Currents. The Zaan in Motion and in the book accompanying the exhibition. Through their lens, you will discover an area undergoing huge change.

Besides Verhoeff and Galjaard, Tim Knol also shed his light on the Zaan. The photography inspired Knol to write the song Currents.

Vacant territories
Intertwined through time
Factories besides new urban life
Nature will always catch them if they fall

That’ll take me down
To the heart of the Zaan

Listen to Tim Knol’s song Currents, written especially for the exhibition, at home as well.

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De tentoonstelling Stroom. De Zaan in beweging en het bijbehorende fotoboek worden mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland, Gerrit Blaauw Fonds, Reint Laan Fonds, Honig-Laan Fonds, P.M. Duyvisfonds en Bredenhof Stichting.