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Woordbeeld Stroom

Your Zaan

September 29, 2023 until March 15, 2024

For more than three years, Bert Verhoeff and David Galjaard photographed the changing environment along the river Zaan. The results can soon be seen at the exhibition Currents. The Zaan in Motion at the Zaans Museum. Still, the region is always in motion. We would therefore like to invite you to add to the photo project. Follow the lead of Tim Knol and take a picture of your changing Zaan. Pick, for example, a sharp contrast between two worlds, a building project or a distinctive portrait.

Every month, the photographers will select the best submissions, and will choose one of them as the photo of the month. The winning photograph will be given a place of honour in the exhibition. Who knows, your photograph might soon be on display in the museum!

Email your photograph with the name of the photographer, the location and date to stroom@zaansmuseum.nl.

Within five weeks, you will learn whether your photo has been selected. There will be no correspondence about the results.

Photographs can be submitted until March 15, 2024.


To participate, follow these rules:

  • The photograph can be either vertically or horizontally oriented.
  • The photograph should show the Zaanstreek in transition, for example, a contrast between two worlds.
  • Make sure your photograph is of the highest possible quality.
  • Most programmes, apps and email compress photographs. Make sure to submit your photograph as an email attachment. Do not paste it into an email message.
  • By submitting a photograph, you agree to allow the museum to publish your photograph online or offline. No rights can be derived from this.
  • In the photograph’s filename, note your given name and surname, the location of the photograph (‘Wormerveer’ or ‘Zaandam’, for example) and the date as in ’28 September 2023’. Mention this in your email, too.
  • The museum will try to mention the name of the photographer at all times and in all instances.
  • If your photograph is selected, it will be digitally displayed in the museum’s animation and will appear online in the museum’s social media. If your photograph is selected as ‘Photo of the Month’, it will be printed in large format and will be displayed in the museum until the end of the exhibition. You will not receive payment for this.
  • Photographers whose photograph is selected as ‘Photo of the Month’ will receive an invitation for a visit to the Zaans Museum free of charge.
Brokking aan de Zaan, Wormerveer

Tim Knol, Wormerveer, 16 mei 2023

Tips by Bert Verhoeff and David Galjaard:

  • A photograph is often more interesting if it contains opposing elements. Pay attention, then, to contrast. A jolly pleasure craft sailing by a factory building in ruins along the Zaan; a large freighter passing a paddleboard…
  • If you spend a little more time in one spot, you will discover more perspectives and unexpected things might happen.
  • We all sometimes see things that strike us as funny, beautiful, remarkable, special etc. when we are walking down the street. That is the moment to grab your camera and take a photograph!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people if you can take their picture. Most people are happy to cooperate. Do ask them for their email address and send them your best photograph by way of thank you.
  • Keep an eye out for places undergoing change. Places under construction, or being demolished. This is where the actual change in the Zaanstreek is clearly visible.
  • As a resident of the region, consider what changes have taken place in recent years. New buildings, new kinds of people or a new sort of shop. Place extra stress on such places and consider how best to capture such changes in an image.

Photo of the month

The photo of this moth is made by Ron Koffeman

Ron Koffeman - vanaf veerdijk Wormer - 21-12-2021

Ron Koffeman – Wormer – December 21, 2021

The exhibition Current. De Zaan in motion and the accompanying photo book are made possible by: Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland, Gerrit Blaauw Fonds, Reint Laan Fonds, Honig-Laan Fonds, P.M. Duyvisfonds en Bredenhof Stichting.